New Olson Children's Book
New Olson Children's Book

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What's New(s)-updated 4/24/2010

—June 2010. Polis is This and Lowell Blues screening, National Gallery of Art, 6th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC. 20565 Tel: 202.842.6272
—October 9th, 2010. Charles Olson Centenary Festival, Gloucester, MA. Polis is This.
Archive of Things Past

Charles Olson  
Five Spot Cafe, NYC 1958-© Herb Snitzer

It's been busy lately. Three projects are gaining momentum since I last posted. First is Lester Lives, my working title for a feature documentary on jazz legend Lester Young. I just received a grant from the Morroe Berger–Benny Carter Jazz Research Fund at the Institute of Jazz Studies. The fund carries the name of two friends, Morroe Berger a former chairman of the sociology department at Princeton and jazz legend Benny Carter. Mr. Carter and the Berger Family established the Berger-Carter Jazz Research Fund at Rutgers University and I'm honored to be the recipient. The much needed funds will pay expenses for trips to Rutgers to work at the Institute.

My interest is going through audio archives of musicians who knew Lester from earlier in his career, musicians like Leonard Phillips and Ben Webster. I'm in the beginning phases of creating a blog on the Lester Film. Nothing much there yet but I want to make it a place where folks can come and learn about Lester as I do.

The second project I've been working on is called the North Shore Jazz Project. I hope this effort will result in a jazz and blues television series to be produced locally. Please check out this extensive website.

While researching the Olson film at the University of Connecticut archive I found so much interesting material. I couldn't squeeze all of it into an hour-long film. At the same time, reading to my young son made me think about introducing Olson to a children's book audience.

Little Charlie Goes to Gloucester received funding from the Gloucester Arts Council and private citizens. If all goes to plan I hope to have the book in stores by summer and in the local elementary schools by fall. My collaborator on the 28-page volume is Stefan Mallette. The Maine Academy of Art graduate has a native's feel for Gloucester and has produced some wonderful images. Peter Anastas says "I love this book. I'm going to buy one for my grandchildren."

Lastly, I am involved with a group of friends of Vincent Ferrini and Charles Olson to purchase Vincent's 126 East Main Street home. Our goal is to turn the house into the "Gloucester Writer's Center." This is an exciting possibility for Gloucester.

Henry Ferrini


Our thought provoking, visually persuasive, informative film and video presentations transform concepts into powerful tools. For more than 20 years, from our Gloucester Harbor offices in Massachusetts, we've created communication vehicles that break molds and preconceived notions in the fields of art and industry.

We serve scores of industrial clients, many from the Fortune 500, as well as a spectrum of social justice groups.

Check out snippets of our films in
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Henry Ferrini



Witch City
Witch City

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Radio Fishtown

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Poem In Action

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