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What's New(s)-updated 4/24/2010

—June 2010. Polis is This and Lowell Blues screening, National Gallery of Art, 6th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC. 20565 Tel: 202.842.6272
—October 9th, 2010. Charles Olson Centenary Festival, Gloucester, MA. Polis is This.
Archive of Things Past


The National Plastics Exhibition is held every three years at McCormick Center in Chicago. Check out our award-winning program that filled GE Plastics 250 seat auditorium.

Technological innovations can sometimes be pretty dry. A World without Arco Chemical presents a humorous look at this company's hi-tech advances.

The Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University had FPI travel to Washington DC to document a Christian gathering of apocalyptic proportions (Promise Keepers).

The United Nations hired us to create television programing to help stop the demonization between ethnic minorities in the former Yugoslavia.

When a Bangor, Maine women's health clinic was under attack, we produced an educational film to help defuse this volatile situation.

Fundraising is big business, FPI aided Susan Steiner Productions in creating a 10 minute film that helped launch a 50 million dollar campaign for UMass-Boston.

Noted author and birder Chris Leahy hosts the pilot episode of Birds, a Massachusetts Audubon Society program on the spring warbler migration at Mount Auburn Cemetery.


Witch City
Witch City

Radio Fishtown
Radio Fishtown

Poem in Action
Poem In Action



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