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—June 2010. Polis is This and Lowell Blues screening, National Gallery of Art, 6th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC. 20565 Tel: 202.842.6272
—October 9th, 2010. Charles Olson Centenary Festival, Gloucester, MA. Polis is This.
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On October 4, 1997 the Christian men's group Promise Keepers held a "million man" march on Washington, DC. Commissioned by the Center for Millennial Studies (CMS) at Boston University, Henry Ferrini, Phil Lamy, Brenda Brasher and Aaron Katz travelled to Washington to document the event, in particular the meaning of the coming year 2000 as expressed by the group as well as its attendees. The following 13-minute film was edited and produced from over eight hours of raw footage. It was screened publicly at the second annual CMS academic Conference on Millennialism in Boston, MA on November 2, 1997.


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