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—June 2010. Polis is This and Lowell Blues screening, National Gallery of Art, 6th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC. 20565 Tel: 202.842.6272
—October 9th, 2010. Charles Olson Centenary Festival, Gloucester, MA. Polis is This.
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Non-Profit Work
In Harm's Way
: Help for Abused Women and Children
MA Law Reform Institute: End of the Line
Pro-Choice Resource Center
Enphront:We're In The House
Breaking Our Silence: Gloucester Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence

In Harm's Way  

In Harm's Way
In Harm's Way is a theatrical piece about human possibility, hope and connection. It combines authentic stories about Domestic Violence told by advocates, victims, survivors, police officers, clergy and health providers. The performance is a wonderful example of how the Arts can help communities deal with hard issues. In Harm's Way weaves these stories together with themes of courage and healing.

We are working with the play's writer/director Nicki Richon-Schoel to create an impactful organizing video that demonstrates how citizens can stage the play to educate themselves and their communities about domestic violence.

Help for Abused Women and their Children
  >>Letter from HAWC Executive Director pdf
>>HAWC Community Award

The purpose of HAWC is to create social change by taking action against personal and societal patterns of violence and oppression against women and their children. To communicate their message HAWC hired Susan Steiner and Henry Ferrini to tell their story. Using the faces and stories of women, this 12 minute video creates a poignant and life affirming tale of women transformed through the efforts of this organization.

MA Law Reform Institute
End of the Line

In 1997, the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute with our assistance filmed thousands of people waiting in line for subsidized housing. This 10-minute, award-winning video, "End of the Line," documents the intensifying need for publicly-funded, permanently affordable housing for low-income families and individuals. The film was also used successfully as evidence in a complaint to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that this wait-list procedure illegally discriminated against people with disabilites.


Pro-Choice Resource Center


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We're In The House

Enphront released a 10-minute video entitled We’re in the House. We’re in the House is about how residents are speaking out, taking action, organizing, filing complaints, and making sure that housing authorities don’t sweep the problems under the carpet. It is about building a national movement of public housing residents and partners that will fight for public housing. And through the voices of leaders, it offers hope and inspiration that change is possible.

The video is being distributed with an Organizer’s Guide designed to help leaders use the video as a tool to plug residents into current nationally coordinated actions. Produced in collaboration with independent filmmaker Henry Ferrini, the video is currently being shown by Enphront staff, Regional Officers, and State Point People. To make arrangements to show the video at an event or meeting, contact Beverly Jackson at 202-339-3903 or Dushaw Hockett at 202-339-3906.


Breaking Our Silence: Gloucester Men Speak Out Against Domestic Abuse

Over July 4th weekend of 2000 a community-minded citizen organized a group of local men to march in the Gloucester Horribles parade. The group marched to call attention to the nationwide problem of Domestic Violence. Over 100 Gloucester guys, cops, tradesmen, social workers, artists and fisherman put their hearts, voices and bodies together to help break the "sissy" barrier to end the silence that condones domestic violence. Ferrini Productions covered the parade for two consecutive years. From the interviews and crowd response we edited a short compelling video that shows just how simple it is to make a difference in one's community.

"Advocates for victims of domestic abuse will find this 10-minute video inspiring and instructive. As men join in our struggle to end violence against women, Breaking Our Silence has enormous educational value. Seeing these men from Gloucester and hearing their stories will motivate men's groups, schools and communities. These men bring it home loud and clear: there is no excuse for domestic abuse."
Nichole Richon Schoel, Director of Community Outreach
HAWC (Help for Abused Women and their Children)

"These Gloucester men have declared that on their work sites, in their coffee shops, locker rooms, schools, homes and even some of their bars, domination of women is no longer seen as a way to be a strong man."
Willy Greenbaum, Coordinator, Strong Men don’t Bully


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